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There is perhaps no other better way to spend and have your cheap all inclusive holidays than by exploring the waters of Sulawesi and its nearby areas. When it comes to water adventures, scuba diving is one of the best sports. However, not all bodies of water in the world would be a good spot. Because of this, it would definitely be good and helpful if you would know the best scuba diving spots and the companies that offer the best scuba diving packages.

We have selected some of the best scuba companies and diving resorts on each islands. Once you have made your decision which dive company you want to dive with, you can calI the dive operator directly. If you would like to read divers reviews on this companies or if you have dived with them and would like to post a comment, please visit our comment page for more info.

In 2006, the Togian Islands were designated a National Marine and Forest Reserve”

The Togian (Togean) Islands
The Togians are a picturesque archipelago of 56 islands and inlets, 30 km south of the equator, located in the Tomini Bay. Formed by volcanic activity, the islands are covered by lush rainforest and surrounded by ancient coral reef formations. Water temperature average 31 degrees celsius? and in perfect sea and weather conditions (which is often), the average underwater visibility is up to 45 meters. Both the terrestrial and marine ecosystems teem with exotic wildlife - much of which is extremely rare or endangered. The reefs and coastal areas provide habitat and breeding areas for hawksbill turtle, the green turtle and the dugong. Togian forests and skies are filled with exotic creatures such as the Togian Macaque, the babirusa, the Sulawesi Hornbill, and hanging parrots. Within this tropical paradise, 37 villages provide bright spots of gaiety and culture of several ethnicities, including the Bobongko, Togian, Saluan and the Bajau.

black marlin dive resort

Black Marlin Dive Resort has 15 exclusive and stylish bungalows just a few steps from the ocean. All rooms have double springbeds with full mosquito nets. Western style bathrooms with clean running water (we filter it ourselves). All terraces have hammocks and panoramic sea views. FACILITIES WE PROVIDE Pool table, Ocean Cafe, Restaurant area, Western bar, Reception with safety box for valuables, Dive shop and dive boats

Island Retreat

When you visit us at Island Retreat, you will find one of the last untouched places in the world. Within twenty to forty minutes from the Retreat, you will find the three major reef formations - fringing reef, barrier reef, and atoll. It is rare to come across all 3 formations in one place. The Togian Islands are known for this uniqueness. There are over three hundred species of coral, some may even be unclassified, and a wonderful diversity of life and color in the underwater universe.

walea dive resort

The Walea Dive Resort is situated in a private area on the island of Waleabahi, in the centre of the Protected Area. It is small and exclusive with only 14 recently enlarged and renovated bungalows that look directly out onto the sea. Located right on the equator and protected by the large Gulf of Tomini, it is always summer here thanks to the microclimate which keeps the monsoon rains at bay.

Kadidi Paradise

The Togian Islands offer divers and snorkelers the unique experience of being able to explore all three types of Coral reef.The islands in the centre of Tomini bay, known as the calmest bay on earth, an undiscovered tropical paradise boasting hundreds of islands with beautiful white sandy beaches as yet untouched by tourism.



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